RFID Solutions

Sandén International can provide every and all product configuration within the RFID unit product area. Through experience and know-how we master the entire product configuration process to make sure our clients get exactly what they expected. With our handpicked and long terms partners we are able to provide the highest quality products in various form factors and with the complete chip/antenna range available within 125KHz, 13,56MHz and 865-868MHz.

We are especially proud of our customized formats capabilities which can provide a unique format for our client maximizing their branding and quality expression in their market.

Standard capabilities:

  • Customized RFID units in client specific shapes and forms.
  • Standard RFID Cards in standard ISO7810 format.
  • Miniature RFID cards.
  • Any standard Tag in any material for any purpose.
  • RFID wristbands – plastic/laminated paper with different security measures.
  • RFID stickers in all formats.

Contact us and let’s create your future product together.