Prepaid Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

As a specialist within the Prepaid Scratch Cards industry we cover the entire product portfolio from standard ISO formats (1 to 10pins per card) to highly specialised next generation Custom formats (10 to 200pins per string).

Custom Formats are the ideal product concept in the operators’ never ending pursuit for better and cheaper top-up platforms while not leaving security or quality at risk. The products give a wide variety of marketing opportunities along with high branding effects and eco-conscious market approaches. Please have a look at our standard range below but know also that any specific configuration is doable. Please contact us for further knowledge, offer or just concept brain storm to push your business further.

ISO-format Prepaid scratch cards

  • From 1PIN cards up to 10PINs per card.
  • Paper or PVC material – various thicknesses.
  • Paper with or without black core.
  • UV varnish surfaces or laminated surfaces.
  • Regular Hotstamp/Label scratch panels or holographic.
  • Optional Latex panels for full flexibility in format and shape.
  • Overprint options and a wide range of optional security features.
  • Sonic sealed individual wrapping and batch wrapping.

Our ISO-Formats

For more details/specifictions please contact your local sales representative.

1 Pin 86×54

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Scratch Cards 1 Pin 86x541

2 Pins H 86×54

2 Pins V 86×54

3 Pins H 86×54

3 Pins V 86×54

4 Pins 86×54 WC

4 Pins HV 86×54

5 Pins 86×54 WC

5 Pins H 86×54

8 Pins 86×54

10 Pins 86×54

Our Custom Formats (standard range)

For more details/specifictions please contact your local sales representative.

10 Pins Large

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Scratch Card 10 Pins Large

10 Pins WL/2

20 Pins WL

50 Pins WL

80 Pins WL

100 Pins WL2

100 Pins WLB (Book)

150 Pins WLB (Book)

200 Pins WLB (Book)

Customized shapes