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A new SMART Logistics SIM innovation

that gives full market power back to the Operator

  • CardPack is a new SMART Logistics SIM card innovation that enables new market maneuvering options for the Operator.
  • SIM card becomes safe and secure as stand-alone distribution format.
  • SIM card is detached from marketing material which can be produced rapidly in local markets enabling flash campaigns.
  • One SIM card for all Group operations – marketing materials done by individual operations/markets.
  • Regional machine set-up options.
  • Lowest possible Carbon footprint product available in the world today.


Significant decrease in following parameters

  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) heavily reduced.
  • Final SIM card distribution cost significantly lowered.
  • CO2 emission – company carbon footprint.
  • Boxes for packaging – CardPack re-uses initial personalization boxes.
  • Freight and distribution cost and warehouse storage space.
  • Elimination of expensive retail returns or refurbishment of ‘obsolete packed’ goods.
  • Risk of mismatch in packaging solutions involving manual handling.
  • Risk of damaged packages during storage, transport, distribution etc.

Heavy increase in following parameters

  • Full maneuvering power back to the Operator and involvement in local markets.
  • Brand value – Operator engage in true eco preservation.
  • Ability to initiate flash marketing campaigns frequently and rapidly.
  • Efficient centralized purchase of SIM cards – one design for all Operations.
  • Decentralized purchase of marketing materials / instruction manuals etc. if required.
  • Security in production due to fully automated production process.


Service Center

3 steps to open the window of opportunities with CardPack: 

1. Design
Design your SIM card artwork matching the design template for the CardPack.

CardPack template

2. Ship
Ship produced SIM cards to one of the licensed regional CardPack service centre’s.

Cardpack Worldmap

3. Receive
We will CardPack your SIM and rapidly deliver them to the address of your specification.