Product Areas: Prepaid Scratch Cards

Prepaid Scratch Cards

As a specialist within the Prepaid Scratch Cards industry we cover the entire product portfolio from standard ISO formats to highly specialised next generation Custom formats.
Product Areas Circular Images Sim Card Solutions

SIM Card Solutions

Sandén International support all SIM form factors from Standard single plug SIM to 10 plug SIM “green”. All plug types supported along with the latest 2FF+3FF+4FF combo version also serving as an adaptor.
Product Areas: Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards

With in-house design mastering and our specialist organisation we can supply and support our clients with the best plastic cards carefully designed to enhance brand and quality feel.
Product Areas: Rfid Solutions

RFID Solutions

Sandén International can provide every and all product configuration within the RFID unit product area.
Product Areas: Card Packaging Solutions

Card Packaging Solutions

With over 20 years’ experience in fulfillment solutions we can support any given packaging solution whether it’s paper, plastic, wood or metal based.