• We offer complete prepaid/lottery voucher product range with profound security in all production steps.
  • In-house graphical department and data centre also able to provide and generate gaming data/full concepts.
  • Specialist in cost efficient customized formats and high volume production while not compromising quality. Standard annual capacity succeeds 2 billion PIN’s. Excellence in production capacity planning and delivery precision.
  • Our supplier Sandéns Security Printing AB is ISO 9001:2008 certified and approved by The Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science. F5 production rank enabling us to produce vouchers with winnings worth millions USD

Specialized Technique

X-Screen Security Panel

  • The ultimate solution when doing scratch cards of high values.
  • An extensive build up making any fraud attempt impossible.
  • Can also be constructed with specific inserted confusion layer if so required.

Security Features

As our supplier is a lottery manufacturer we are able to supply high winning lottery concepts and our abilities concerning security features and overall security is quite extensive.

For Telecom prepaid scratch cards we support features such as:

  • Varnish effects (positive/negative).
  • Micro text.
  • Customized overprint on scratch panel per denomination / bleeding edge.
  • X-Screen security panel – extensive panel against trans illumination.
  • Guilloche- patterns.
  • Special inks – metallic, florescent, UV florescent, optically variable inks, glow in the dark.

Business partners

Our partners have been carefully selected and pinpointed over many years to ensure that whatever product is sourced it can live up to the brand and strong reputation of Sanden International. We master the entire process and with in-depth relationships and detailed attention we ensure the best of products throughout. Our partners are audited on a regular basis and all are certified to the best of standards e.g. ISO9001, ISO 14001, EMV etc.