Our company

About Sandéns International

Sandén International AB is the international part of the associated production company Sandéns Security Printing AB which was founded in 1921 in the town of Eslöv, Sweden. Together we have experience in Lottery and Scratch Card production since the 1950s and specialized Telecom Prepaid vouchers since late 1990s.

Sandéns Security Printing is the largest secure printing house in Scandinavia enabled to produce high winning lottery tickets and concepts along with a complete range of high-end Telecom Scratch Card Solutions.

We are known to be a trustworthy, innovative and consistent supplier to all our clients worldwide. Through mastering of the entire production chain we always keep our promises and the highest of standards throughout. Through extensive global experience we can support our clients to maximize their branding in any given markets and enhance their ARPU through choice of right product. We are proud to be a trusted advisor.

Our Mission

  • Producing best product concept at best cost for any individual global market arena.
  • Utilize our specialist knowledge and over 15 years of global experience to give our clients the very best as a preferred Trusted Advisor.
  • Keep being the utterly consistent and innovative leader in the industry we are known for.
  • Maintaining our high level of security and business standards throughout to secure both our own and our clients’ brand and reputation globally


Organisation structure

Research & Development

Apart from a production spread consisting of only high-end machinery we are constantly focused on doing things smarter and more efficient. With in-house engineering and workshop we can not only design and produce special machines ourselves but sometimes also enhance the abilities on conventional machinery for optimized throughput. This very unique ability together with our experienced development team enables us to innovate product configurations and come up with tomorrow’s products. Ensuring quality and security is a given but being able to support our client in terms of branding and standing out in the market arena is our overall drive. Our success relies fully with our clients success.

We look forward to the challenges of tomorrow to stay the innovative leader in the industry.